Our services for investors

Amplifi Capital (U.K.) Limited is a lender and loan broker currently offering unsecured personal loans, providing access to near prime consumers who can’t access credit from traditional high street banks.

Our primary activity is providing borrowers and savers access to credit unions where Amplifi Capital acts as a loan broker.

In cases where the Credit Unions are not suitable lenders, Amplifi Capital lends from its own balance sheet.

Amplifi Capital will be expanding into other products in the near future with the intention of covering a wide range of products which sit in the same credit spectrum.


We aim to offer the best rates and the fastest execution within the near prime space. Our goal is to help customers get an instant decision on whether they are eligible for a loan from us and process any applications within one hour. We want to support customers in building their credit rating and lowering the cost of credit.

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Tobias Gruber, CEO
Our services for investors
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Amplifi Capital is on the panel of price comparison websites for loans and deposits. We process in excess of 400,000 loan applications per month. 
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Risk Management
Amplifi Capital has invested significant resources in data analytics, machine learning and reporting tools. We are able to provide investors with real time reporting on the loan book performance. This reporting can be tailored to the specific requirements of investors.
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Amplifi Capital has developed its own collections system. We have an in-house team of experienced debt collectors. Our approach to collections follows the ethos of responsible lenders.
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Return on Investment
We offer investors in the Capital Instruments of the Credit Unions superior risk adjusted returns. These are achieved through a rigorous underwriting and risk management framework developed by Amplifi Capital.
About us

Amplifi Capital has built a modern fintech ecosystem that allows for front to back processing of loans. From acquisition, loan processing, payments, pricing, risk management, data analytics and machine learning to portfolio management and credit control.