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Our services for Credit Unions

Amplifi Capital (U.K.) Limited works with a network of Credit Unions and other community lenders to build a bespoke front to back services platform that will drive the growth of Credit Unions. We can support your growth throughout the value chain.

Our goal is for the community bank sector to enter main stream lending markets and become significant players in the UK Consumer Credit Market.

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Technology alone is not sufficient to achieve our ambitious goals of creating winners in the community bank space, which is why the Amplifi team decided to create a platform that provides a front to back “out of the box” solution.

Tobias Gruber, CEO
Our services for Credit Unions
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Data and Risk Management
Amplifi invests significant resources in data science and data management including machine learning tools. We provide services to Credit Unions including support in score card build and optimization, MIS, risk management tools covering credit risk, portfolio forecasting, collections and regulatory reporting,
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Credit Control and Collections
Amplifi has developed a bespoke collections system tailored to the needs and ethos of Credit Unions. This is very effective in supporting the credit control teams.
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Market Access
Amplifi is the only platform that allows Credit Unions to access the loan and deposit flow from price comparison websites in the UK. We currently process about 1,000,000 (£5bn) loan applications each month.
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Banking as a Service
We can support you through a cloud-based full bank platform including decision engines, CRM system, ledger, billing engine, repayments, accounting and much more.
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Capital Raising
Amplifi has a selective programme for credit unions who are like minded and can support your growth aspirations by investing into your capital stack to grow your loan book.
About Amplifi Capital

Amplifi has built a modern fintech ecosystem that allows for front to back processing of loans and deposits. From acquisition, loan processing, payments pricing, risk management, data analytics and machine learning to portfolio management and credit control.

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